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MIDE Products Fence Hooks

Pool Accessory Hooks (click here to shop)
Skimmer Pole Hooks black pool hooks pool fence hooks mide pool hooks

Flower Box Holders & Boxes (click here to shop)
flower box hangersflower box hanger mide

Corner Shelves (click here to shop)
corner plant shelfcorner shelffence shelfmide hooks corner shelf

Pet Dish Holders with Bowl (click here to shop)
pet dish holderdog bowlmide hooks pet dish holder

Flag Holders (click here to shop)
flag holderflag holdersmide hooks flag holder

Attachable (Screw-on) Hooks (click here to shop)
mide hooks screw-on mide hooks wall mountmide hooks wall mountmide hooks top mount

                                                     Powered Solar Blanket Reels
Pool Boy I (click here to shop)                                                       Pool Boy II (click here to shop)
Pool Boy Reel solar cover reel  solar cover reelpool boy II

                                                                   Float Storage
Float Racks & Noodle Holders (click here to shop)
 float storage pool float rack supper noodle house

                                                                 Pool Toy Storage / Organizers
Pool Toy Storage Nets (click here to shop)                     Wall organizers (click here to shop)
 MIDE Pool Toy Nets  MIDE Pool Toy Net          Wall Organizer

                                                                Backyard Games
Point Pong (click here to shop)
Poolhooks Point Pong Game Point Pong Pool Game
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